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I'm there and back before you know I'm even gone!

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4th wall - video/action-- ALL OVER JOHTO;
[What's this? A blue hedgehog with bright red sneakers? A really smug looking blue hedgehog?

Yep! It looks like Sonic's back to his good old hedgehog self, and he's definitely excited about it.]

Yo, Johto! Check this!

[ZOOM! There in a minute, gone in a flash! As Sonic takes off, there's a big cloud of dust. Once he's back on screen, he's grinning like mad.]

That's right, the hedgehog is back and ready to juice! Think you've seen fast? You've got another thing comin', 'cause I'm about to put the pedal to the medal and burn rubber! Bet I can do a lap around this whole place in a Sonic second! But go ahead, place your bets, 'cause I'm outta here!

[He'll go ahead and take the 'Gear back from his Sneasel and start revvin' it up! Look out, folks, 'cause Sonic will be everywhere. That's what happens when you give him his speed back.]

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Playtime is over--

[CHAOS SPEAR SUDDENLY. Looks like someone ELSE has his abilities (and body) back!]

I was hoping for something like this


[Sonic just barely misses the blow, though the spear totally toasts his rump!]

What was that for?!

[Stands on a nearby rock, looking down at Sonic, arms folded.]

Hmph. Looks like you aren't that different from the blue hedgehog I recognize. Still unable to focus on your surroundings.

Hey, I can focus! Sometimes. I just wasn't expectin' that cheap shot!

[Huff, glare.]

Cheap? That's right- you would say that. [Smirk.] Always making excuses.

I'll show you excuses!

[And, just like that, he's charging straight at Shadow!]

[Narrows his eyes, suddenly disappearing-- proving that Sonic wasn't the only one with super speed. The black hedgehog reappears in a homing attack a few feet above the blue faker.]

[Holy what?!

The homing attack catches him completely off guard, and in his attempt to dodge his speedy attacker, Sonic nearly trips. Good gowing, Shadow.]

[Lands on his feet, turning about slowly-- just to spite Sonic.]

You were saying?

I'm just warmin' up! Check this!

[Different strategy this time. Rather than running straight for shadow, he's gonna try and circle around him at supersonic speed!]

[Doesn't even move, Shadow simply watches Sonic. He'll wait for the hedgehog to actually try to attack him, feet shifting just in case.] How pathetic.

Oh yeah?

[Once he starts picking up speed, though, he starts to create a tornado. It worked on SWATbots, so why not another hedgehog?]

[... Well damn. Sonic Wind, huh? Shadow frowned, starting to roll into a ball on his own... Unluckily for you, Sonic, Shadow has his Heat Bracelet with him. Let's see how fire + tornado work. Shadow doesn't mind getting whirled into the air-- but a fire tornado sure would be cool~]

[And since he didn't expect any surprise fireworks, once the tornado igites, sonic comes to an abrupt stop.]


[Right, right. Stop, drop, and roll-- hedgehog style! Now he's doing the ol' triple-S spin, digging into the ground.]

[Shadow was amused-- which meant he was going to get kicked in the butt at some point. The flame tornado was a brilliant sight, though short lived. Shadow, now a few feet away, began to dust himself off quite calmly.]

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